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Metal Enclosure

People Group is one of the professional distribution box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products mainly include circuit breaker, wall switch and socket, AC contactor, relay, master switch. In order to satisfy customer demands, we also provide a wide range of products, such as metal enclosure, and gear switch.
If you are looking for any of products, please contact us directly. We are ready to help you.

Specification of PDB metal enclosure
Material Iron shell, copper busbar
Frequency AC 50-60HZ
Rated voltage Up to 660V
Main technique parameter of of PDB metal enclosure
Model Specification Size/mm
PDB-04-112F 210×210×95
PDB-06-112F No Main 260×210×95
PDB-08-112F Switch 260×210×95
PDB-M06-310F BH 315×260×95
PDB-M08-310F BH 315×260×95
PDB-M12-310F BH 365×260×95
PDB-M18-310F BH 440×260×95
PDB-M24-310F BH 515×260×95
PDB-M30-310F BH 590×260×95
PDB-M36-310F BH 665×260×95
PDB-M12-310SSF 100A 365×260×95
PDB-M18-310SSF 100A 440×260×95
PDB-M24-310SSF 100A 515×260×95
PDB-M30-310SSF 100A 590×260×95
PDB-M18-315F 125A 450×260×95
PDB-M24-315F 125A 525×260×95
PDB-M30-315F 125A 600×260×95
PDB-M36-315F 250A 675×260×95
PDB-M42-315F 250A 780×260×95
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