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Power Relay

Technical data of power relay, JQX-59F-1Z

Model JQX-59F-1Z
Coil nominal voltage DC 6 to 220V
AC 6 to 380V
Coil nominal power DC≤3.5W
Electrical life 105OPS
Contact capacity 80A250VAC
Mechanical life 106 OPS
Operating temperature -45℃~55℃
Weight ≤233g
Mounting methods Screw Mounting

People Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of power relay, based in China. Our products mainly include circuit breakers, power supply, master switch and high and medium voltage product.
They are also well received in international markets, including Britain, Germany, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, UAE, America, Canada, Brazil, and Australia, etc.
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