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Floor Socket

Specifications of R86-KW floor socket

Model Number Name Faceplate Color Voltage AC Current A
R86-KW2 frame Upspring Floor Socket Frame Copper 250~ 10
R86-KW2 1g 2p & 3p Socket Copper 250~ 10
R86-KW2 2g 3p socket Copper 250~ 10
R86-KW3 Horizontal Sliding Floor Socket Copper 250~ 10
R86-KW4 Stainless Steel Floor Socket Stainless Steel 250~ 10
R86-KW5 Desktop Socket Black 250~ 10
R86-KW6 Open-type Floor Socket Copper 250~ 10
R86-KW7 Screw-type Floor Socket Copper 250~ 10

People Group is one of the professional floor socket manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products include electrical accessories, PC plug socket coupling, circuit breakers, distribution box and temperature controller, etc. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and minimize risk to employees, etc. we have earned ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:1999 certifications.
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