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Voltage Transformer

This page is constructed to introduce you our singe phase, casting insulated voltage transformer which is fully enclosed. The transformer is commonly used for metering electric energy, voltage control and relay protection in the electric non-useful-grounded neutral system up to rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage 3kV, 6kV and 10kV.

These voltage transformers are casting resin insulated, fully enclosed type. The iron core and winding are cast together. Hence, the transfomer is small and light. The secondary outlet line is wrapped by outlet box and has three exits with different direction feed lines.

Technical data
1. The voltage transformer is made in accordance with GB1207-1997(Voltage transformer) standard and IEC186 as well.
2. Power factor of load: COSφ=0.8(lagging)
3. Surface creepage distance: the product accords with the request of class Ⅱ
4. Given below are more detailed specifications of our voltage transformer.


Type Rated voltage Tation(V) Frequency Accuracy class and rated output(VA) Limit output (vA) Rated insulated level(kV) Remarks
0.2 0.5 1 6P
JDZ10-3A1 JDZ10-3A2 3000/100 50.60 15 30 60
150 3.6/25/40 And RZL10
JDZ10-6A1 JDZ10-6A2 6000/100 15 30 60
150 7.2/32/60
JDZ10-10A1 JDZ10-10A2 10000/100 15 30 60
150 12/42/75
JDZ10-3B1 JDZ10-3B2 3000/100 25 50 90
300 3.6/25/40
JDZ10-6B1 JDZ10-6B2 6000/100 25 50 90
300 7.2/32/60
JDZ10-10B1 JDZ10-10B2 10000/100 25 50 90
300 12/42/75
JDZX10-3AG 3000/√3/100/√3/100/
40 60 50 150 3.6/25/40
JDZX10-6AG 6000/√3/100/√3/100/√3
40 60 50 150 7.2/32/60
JDZX10-10AG 10000/√3/100/√3/100/√3
40 60 50 150 12/42/75
JDZX10-3BG 3000/√3/100/√3/100/√3
50 90 50 400 3.6/25/40
JDZX10-6BG 6000/√3/100/√3/100/√3
50 90 50 400 7.2/32/60
JDZX10-10BG 10000/√3/100/√3/100/
50 90 50 400 12/42/75

People Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of instrument transformer, based in China. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and minimize risk to employees, etc. we have earned ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:1999 certifications. Apart from instrument transformer, we also offer power transformer, dropout fuse and surge arrestor, and more. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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